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At any time, if you think you have a medical emergency, call 911 first and then your treating physician.

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Let it be clear that this Website is NOT A PLACE FOR SEEKING MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT and neither a substitute for professional medical care by a physician or other Health Care Professional, nor a Website offering medical or other cures. The use of any such information you find on our website, whether posted by us, other registrants, or even Health Care Providers must be cleared with your physician treating you. Any decisions you make on your own is entirely your responsibility. In no way ANDNH, its registrants and Health Care Providers can be held responsible

ALWAYS check with your doctor concerning your ailment and treatment including tips, positive experiences, testimonials you read about on our website.

ANDNH is not responsible and liable directly or indirectly for any damages whatsoever, as an outcome from the use or misuse of information, obtained or implied and contained on this site. Nor ANDNH or any of its staff or agents will be held responsible for any omissions or errors, for any misfortune, injury or damages which may subsequently arise.

The professionally authored links on our website along with Forums are from reputable institutions and societies where their content can be an enormous source of information. Please note that not all of the medical resources on the World Wide Web are authoritative or up to date. Any decision about the treatment of your ailment based solely on information obtained likewise can be dangerous. ANDNH accepts no responsibility whatsoever for linked websites or the use of any information contained within.

Therapy of an ailment requires complex medical decisions which rely on the independent and informed judgment of your Health Care Professional. Treatments may not be the same for each individual patient with the same ailment. Therefore all questions regarding the treatment and care of your medical condition should be cleared with your own professional Health Care Provider.


You agree to ALL of the following, otherwise you are not to use this website.

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While the management will endeavor to remove any objectionable material, and we are the sole deciding entity as to what is considered objectionable, as quickly as possible, it is humanly impossible to review every message all the time. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made by those participating in the blogs, are the views and opinions of its author and not of the administrators or webmaster and therefore we will not be held liable.

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THIRD PARTY WEBSITES: It is possible that hyperlinks to other websites may be connected by parties other than ANDNH. ANDNH is not in control of these websites therefore it is not responsible for their contents. These links may be provided for reference purposes only. The presence of such hyperlinked websites does not imply any endorsement on behalf of ANDNH or any association with their owners.

MODIFICATION OF TERMS OF USE AND LIABILITY CLAUSES: We reserve the right to change, or modify any and all the conditions in our web site at any time without prior notice. You are not authorized to use this website if the jurisdiction in the area where you reside does not recognize all provisions of these terms and conditions of our website, including this paragraph. Your continued use of our service will be construed as acceptance by you. If at any time you find the changes not to your liking your only option is to cancel your registration.

WRITING YOUR PERSONAL BLOGS: All your blogs must be based upon a) your actual first-hand experience with Health Care Providers, your own tips or from friends and others that have helped you personally. b) That they will be truthful, accurate and complete. c) Your name and review information will be accessible to all other registrants. d) All information disclosed by you becomes public property.

Mind you that the purpose of this web site is to help each other and talk about positives, successful treatments, recent Worldwide Medical Advances, tips, and recommendations. Naming your Health Care Providers for the purpose of complaint is not permitted and will be cause for removal of your entire blog.

ATTENTION HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS: You have the option to participate in blogs and respond, with your expertise, to what is being discussed between patients concerning specific aliments. You can post your own blogs to inform members of new medical discoveries, scientific research results, treatments, procedures that are recently being used or upcoming in the near future.


We are trying to bring adults and children together who have major health problems so that they can exchange ideas, information, tips to encourage each other, find about new solutions here or abroad and renew their hope and outlook for life.

Therefore, if and when you use this website please have this on your mind at all times to stay within those boundaries.

The name and email here should match the same in Registration entries.


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